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Official website of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.


Website for the British Columbia Lottery and Gaming Corporation.


Canadian Gaming Association website providing info about gambling in Canada.


Discover the finest land based casinos that Quebec has to offer here.


Here you’ll find a listing of casinos across owned and operated by the First Nations.

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The official online gaming site of the BC lottery and gaming corporation.


The OLGC has their own online casino and lotter that can be played online here.

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Guide dedicated to providing reviews, ratings and other info for Canadian gamblers.

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Canada's preferred guide to online casinos featuring listings, reviews and more info.

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Canadian players are moving ever more into the realm of online gambling, thanks to the proliferation of online casinos. This is a new world for many and begs the question of which is better; online casinos or traditional, land based casinos. Naturally, the answer depends on what you like in a casino. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of each and how the gaming landscape is looking in Canada today.

Many still ask whether online gambling is even legal in Canada. The answer is yes! You take no legal risk by gambling in Canada. The reason for the confusion is that it is illegal for online casinos to operate from within Canada. For this reason, the online casinos you find will actually be based outside of Canada, but don’t worry. This is legal and now commonplace! Many such casinos are only slightly outside of Canadian borders. The only wrinkle occasionally created is in money transfers, as the current system limits which methods casinos can offer. You can check which methods are available before you deposit, of course. Most players recommend net-based services like Skrill or NETeller for this purpose.

So with the legality established, online casino gaming becomes an attractive possibility. The primary pro for online play is naturally going to be accessibility. When the snows are thick and the weather cold, nobody really wants to go travelling to a casino, costing them time and money. Turning on your computer in your living room and firing up the heating is far more appealing! All this is doubly relevant for those with disabilities or mobility problems, who might otherwise not be able to play at all. Furthermore, online casinos are always open for those who have awkward working arrangements.

Another big draw is the money saved, without spending anything on travel or the expensive bar and snack prices at offline casinos. You won’t have to wait for drinks either, or queue up for chips! No loud tourists, nobody looking over your shoulder while you play; both a big plus point for those who prefer privacy and like to focus on their games instead of socialising. For those who do like to socialise, the option isn’t entirely gone, thanks to strong online chat and forum communities. Overall, you’re looking at a smoother experience. Online casinos can update their games faster and you can play at the screen size or zoom level of your choice. So what’s the downside?

As you might expect, the downside to online gambling is pretty much the upside of offline gambling. Both have their pros and cons which tend to mirror each other. Many casino players don’t see the appeal of being at home when you can enjoy a much fuller experience at a land based casino. Some prefer to be distraction-free, while others revel in the lights and glamour of a traditional casino. When it comes to poker, many players like to see their opponents and spot their bluffs. The atmosphere is undoubtedly powerful, with elegant décor and the hubbub of other players. Being on a computer sometimes just can’t compare to the thrill of cheering around a Roulette table. You get a much stronger shared experience with the sounds of laughter and sighs of defeat, against a backdrop of live music and coins pouring from slot machines. Online casinos offer a fun night in, but offline offer a truly stunning night out.

Land based casinos offer a lot more than games, being structured more like a holiday resort. You get to stay at a luxury hotel and unwind in their gorgeous rooms, or visit the gym or spa. These casinos are really very impressive, with style and sophistication at every turn. They provide cocktail and wine bars with modern trimmings and most have four or five star restaurants, offering fine cuisine and a taste of the high life. There’s no denying that traditional casinos may require more money and time, but they also make for great memories, win or lose.

So while land based casinos are powerful experiences and are often more ingrained in the local community, online casinos are more like a way to play privately and conveniently. You can even play online slots on your mobile, at the bus stop or in bed. That’s a world of difference compared to traditional casinos, which don’t tend to fit into a jacket pocket very well! For Canadian residents, it’s really down to personal preference. Some play a bit of both. You might want the lights and glamour, you might want the straight-up gaming. Fortunately, both are available for Canadians (not all countries have this benefit) and both types of casino are constantly developing to improve their appeal.

The more Canada adopts online gaming, the more sites there will be and the better their offers will have to be. Take a look at the welcome bonuses being offered by online casinos to make the most of your first deposits, as they will offer big cash bonuses to entice people from the growing Canadian market. Check the terms and structure of the bonuses to see how you’ll benefit. For those who play offline, have a look at your local casino’s loyalty and VIP structure to get a taste for similar bonuses. You can earn free spins, free drinks and more, based on how much you play.